Socionext adopts TSMC’s 5nm technology for custom SoCs

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Socionext is to adopt TSMC’s latest 5-nm process technology (N5P) for its high-performance SoC development for next-generation automotive applications.

These custom SoC solutions are intended to target high-level advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) vehicles and are slated for risk production in 2022.

TSMC’s N5P, a member of its 5nm family, is claimed to be the world’s most advanced process technology available in the market. As capacity continues to ramp, N5P’s defect density reduction is proceeding faster than that of the previous generation.

N5P is an enhanced version over N5, providing a 20% performance gain or a 40% power reduction, and up to 80% logic density gain over the preceding N7 technology. At the same time, N5P enjoys support from the industry’s most comprehensive design ecosystem.

Noriaki Kubo, Corporate Executive Vice President and the Head of Automotive & Industrial Business Group at Socionext said, “The ADAS/AD segment requires extremely high arithmetic processing, and Socionext will contribute to customers’ next-generation automotive development by utilising this advanced process technology from TSMC, our important partner in a wide range of products from consumer to automotive products.”

“Innovative semiconductor technology is essential for accelerating the development of next-generation smart automobiles,” said Dr. Cliff Hou, Senior Vice President of Europe and Asia Sales and Corporate Research at TSMC. “The collaboration with Socionext demonstrates our commitment to offering world-leading semiconductor technologies to achieve maximum value for customers’ products.”

Socionext said that by using TSMC’s N5P process technology, it will be able to address a variety of functions such as high-speed switching devices, high-resolution sensor data processing, high-performance domain controllers, autonomous driving and advanced networking.

Socionext and TSMC expect to deliver risk samples of N5P devices to Socionext’s customers around the second quarter of 2022.