SoC design for AI-based applications using RISC-V Vector processors

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Codeplay Software, a specialist in Open-Standard software tools and services for high-performance computing has announced support for Andes Technology's AndesCore NX27V IP.

The NX27V is an RV64GC vector processor that supports the RISC-V Vector specification with up to 512-bit VLEN and SIMD width (or DLEN). It allows SoC designers to create next-generation compute-acceleration solutions that leverage AI, ML, and HPC in both the edge and the cloud.

Initially, Codeplay will deliver support through the AndesCore performance simulator that provides near cycle accurate information, enabling customers to implement a software-first strategy and then move to specific SoC architecture based on the NX27V.

Compute-accelerated solutions need a new programming model to leverage all the capabilities of the processing power available. Incorporating one or more vector processor cores, SoC developers and designers can create applications that leverage a Single-Instruction / Multi Data (SIMD) heterogeneous architecture. AI and Machine Learning applications are required to process a significant amount of vector data for applications like neural networks and computer-vision algorithms seen in cloud acceleration cards, autonomous vehicles and visual recognition. A powerful vector processor like the NX27V is able to rapidly increase the performance of processing this data.

Coldplay’s Acoran software platform support for NX27V-based simulator and then SoC will provide a wide ecosystem of domain-specific optimised libraries for exascale and artificial intelligence. A key foundation of Acoran is SYCL, an open standard programming model that enables heterogeneous programming based on standard ISO C++.

“The NX27V has been adopted by about 10 customer SoC projects for the datacentre accelerators. All incorporate multiple instances of our vector processor in cluster-based heterogenous architecture,” said Dr. Charlie Su, President and CTO at Andes Technology. “The exciting partnership with Codeplay enables us to bring elegant programming solutions to our customers. We are at the beginning of the next wave SoCs with Domain-Specific Architecture (DSA) for applications ranging from embedded devices to datacenter accelerators that support AI and HPC. The growth potential in this area is enormous.”

“Codeplay is embracing the software-first approach to designing complex compute systems,” said Andrew Richards, CEO and founder of Codeplay Software. “This partnership with Andes will bring developers of RISC-V vector SoCs the opportunity to optimise their architecture based on real application software.”