SkyWater applies for US CHIPS and Science Act Funding

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SkyWater Technology has submitted a full application to the CHIPS Program Office of the US Department of Commerce for funding through the CHIPS and Science Act.

The application is for modernisation and equipment upgrades to enhance production at the company’s Minnesota DOD Trusted semiconductor manufacturing facility. SkyWater is now planning for the next phases of due diligence with federal and state partners’ program offices.

SkyWater is key supplier to the US government and said that it was committed to providing the lab-to-fab capabilities needed to support US defence programs.

Expanding the nation's domestic microelectronics infrastructure empowers commercial leaders like SkyWater to play a pivotal role in guiding the DOD’s efforts in microelectronics development, ensuring that cutting-edge technologies reach their full potential. SkyWater serves customers in aerospace and defence, along with growing commercial markets, including automotive, biomedical and IOT, among others.

"Our CHIPs submission represents a key stepping stone for SkyWater in modernising and bolstering our production services, thereby ensuring a consistent supply of trusted silicon for critical DoD and commercial programs. This historic funding will accelerate technology development and time to market for our customers, meeting the escalating demand for domestically produced microelectronics," said SkyWater President and COO, John Sakamoto. "SkyWater is committed to working hand-in-hand with DoD stakeholders, policymakers, and industry leaders to enhance national and economic security, fortify supply chain resilience and cultivate innovation."