Siemens works with Arm and AWS to bring PAVE360 to the cloud

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Siemens Digital Industries Software has announced that its PAVE360-based solution for automotive digital twin is now available on AWS.

Expanding on the strong partnership between Siemens and AWS, PAVE360 helps to encourage innovation in the automotive industry through hardware and software parallel development, “shifting-left" the design phase of SDV.

With a parallel approach, developers can compress the design cycle time and accelerate time to market. In addition, Siemens is collaborating with Arm to help enable developers to access Arm-based technology running on Siemens’ PAVE360 Digital Twin solution via AWS cloud services.

Automakers will now be able to develop software and evaluate key Arm-based system and software components earlier in their IP selection and design cycles simply by accessing the PAVE360 solution available on AWS.

This will not only help address technology and commercial challenges but will, according to Siemens, empower developers to gain a competitive advantage by shifting left hardware and software development, offering unprecedented simulation speeds, and enabling them to meet shrinking time-to-market requirements.

By using AWS technology, developers can experience near real-time simulation speeds which are significantly faster than conventional on-premises modelling and simulation infrastructures.

“The automotive industry is facing disruption from multiple directions, but the greatest potential for growth and new revenue streams is the adoption of the Software Defined Vehicle (SDV),” said Mike Ellow, Executive Vice President, EDA Global Sales, Services and Customer Support, Siemens Digital Industries Software. “The hyper-competitive SDV industry is under immense pressure to quickly react to consumer expectations for new features all while being pushed to move towards shorter software development cycles. This is driving the adoption of the “shift-left” methodology for parallel hardware and software co-development and the move toward the holistic digital twin. Delivering PAVE360 on Arm-based AWS cloud services helps enable organizational efficiencies that are simply not available through today’s traditional development methods.”

Siemens’ PAVE360, deployed on AWS includes IP from Arm that is built for automotive-specific workloads, functional system software, real-world stimulus and algorithm development tools such as Simcenter Prescan from Siemens, and class-leading mixed-fidelity EDA modelling and simulation engines.

PAVE360 integrates all these sources to provide not only a virtual car on an engineer’s desk but also a virtual car in the cloud that is more integrated and secure, dramatically reducing resources and costs for manufacturers. This helps to eliminate the need for costly IT upgrades to support high-speed simulation and can free up automotive engineers to focus on making more meaningful improvements.

"The software defined vehicle is survival for the automotive industry, requiring new technologies and methodologies for faster and more agile development,” explained Dipti Vachani, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Automotive Line of Business, Arm. “The innovative Siemens’ PAVE360 solution is helping to accelerate the automotive system development required to address the increasingly demanding consumer expectations. Together with Siemens and AWS, we are enabling a breadth of use cases on the Arm automotive platform across the entire supply chain, from IP evaluation to fleet management.”  

PAVE360 via AWS is now available to selected customers.

To find out more about how Siemens is working with AWS and Arm use the link below.