Siemens partners with TSMC for 3nm product certifications

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Siemens Digital Industries Software has announced TSMC has certified a broad array of EDA solutions from Siemens Digital Industries Software for the foundry’s newest process technologies.

In addition, recent collaboration between Siemens and TSMC has successfully established key milestones including 3D IC enablement, further advancement of EDA in the cloud, and a range of other successful initiatives.                                                                   

Commenting Dan Kochpatcharin, head of Design Infrastructure Management Division at TSMC, said, “Our latest collaboration with Siemens can better enable next-generation silicon and system innovation for high performance computing (HPC) and mobile applications.”

Siemens’ Calibre nmPlatform tool for IC physical verification sign-off is now fully certified for TSMC’s advanced N4P and N3E processes, the products certified for TSMC’s N4P and N3E processes include: Calibre nmDRC software, Calibre YieldEnhancer software, Calibre PERC software, Calibre xACT software and Calibre nmLVS software.

TSMC and Siemens have also collaborated to certify the mPower analogue software solution for transistor-level EM/IR sign-off for TSMC’s N3E process. This will allow TSMC’s customers to apply the mPower solutions’ EM/IR signoff solution to analogue designs.

Siemens’ Analog FastSPICE platform for circuit verification of nanometer analogue, radio frequency (RF), mixed-signal, memory, and custom digital circuits has also successfully achieved TSMC certification for the foundry’s advanced N4P and N3E processes. In addition, as part of the custom design reference flow (CDRF) for TSMC’s N3E process, Siemens’ Analog FastSPICE platform now supports TSMC’s Reliability Aware Simulation technology, which addresses IC aging and real-time self-heating effects among other advanced reliability features.

TSMC’s N4P CDRF also includes Siemens’ Solido Variation Designer software for advanced variation-aware verification at 3, 4, 5, and 6+ sigma.

As announced at TSMC’s Open Innovation Platform (OIP) Ecosystem Forum, TSMC has launched the new OIP 3DFabricAlliance to speed up customer adoption and production of 3D IC designs, and also to accelerate ecosystem readiness for TSMC’s 3DFabric technologies, a family of 3D silicon stacking and advanced packaging technologies.

Siemens has extended its long-time relationship with TSMC to additionally participate as an initial member of TSMC’s 3DFabric Alliance for the EDA category.

Through years of partnership and collaboration, Siemens collaborates with TSMC on Xpedition Substrate Integrator software, Xpedition Package Designer software, HyperLynx software, Calibre 3DSTACK software and Tessent software solutions to support 3D IC designs using 3DFabric technologies. The Calibre xACT software is used to extract interconnect parasitics and Through-Silicon Vias (TSVs) in complex 3D stacking and packaging configurations.

In order to help customers deploying 3D IC architectures in their next generation ICs, Siemens has now enhanced its Calibre 3DSTACK software to support TSMC’s 3Dblox standard for heterogeneous process DRC and LVS checking, as well as for thermal analysis through Siemens’ Simcenter Flotherm software.

For thermal analysis, the Calibre software combined with Simcenter Flotherm software has been certified fulfilling required accuracy and has been enhanced to enable automatic extraction, power map generation and simulation of the complete 3D IC assembly.

Through the TSMC OIP Cloud Alliance initiative, TSMC has collaborated with Microsoft and Siemens on best known methods for running Siemens’ Calibre nmDRC software on Microsoft Azure. Through these methods, they have demonstrated improved run times and faster overall turn-around times. Mutual customers can employ these methods to help achieve optimal performance when using the Calibre platform on Azure, to get their designs to production faster.