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SEMIFIVE unveils new 5nm HPC SoC platform

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SEMIFIVE, a pioneer of platform-based custom silicon solutions, has unveiled its latest SoC Platform targeting high performance compute (HPC) applications.

Built on its in-house methodology used in its first two SoC Platforms (AI Inference Platform and AIoT Platform), the company’s latest HPC SoC Platform is designed and optimised on Samsung Foundry’s mass production proven 5nm FinFET technology.

The HPC SoC Platform looks to deliver custom HPC chips and ASICs for end applications such as high-end AI, hyperscale data centres, cloud servers, network and storage processors. Pre-verified and integrated, SEMIFIVE said that the 5nm HPC SoC Platform includes state-of-art high speed GDDR6 and PCIe Gen5 interfaces as well as a quad-core 64-bit Arm Cortex-A53 CPU cluster for balanced high performance and compute power efficiency.

As part of the complete SoC Platform solution to accelerate final product, SEMIFIVE is also offering package design and implementation, board support packages as well as software development services.

Commenting Brandon Cho, CEO and founder of SEMIFIVE, said, “Leveraging the close partnership with our lead customer and Samsung Foundry, we have successfully completed on-time tape out of our first 5nm ASIC chip. Leveraging the HPC SoC Platform, SEMIFIVE has opened up access for chip designs needing high speed interfaces like GDDR6 or PCIe Gen5 much easier and we can quickly turn your critical IPs and winning specifications into fully functioning SoC at a fraction of risk, time, and effort.”

According to SEMIFIVE its SoC platform solution lowers chip development cost, schedule and risks, allowing more diverse industry players to innovate and challenge the semiconductor landscape.

Multiple adopters are said to have benefited from its AI Inference platform and AIoT platform with a recent successful tape out of an AI custom SOC in just about six months from kick-off discussions.