RS Components introduces high-spec, low-cost oscilloscope

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RS Components (RS) has introduced the Tektronix TBS2000B digital storage oscilloscope, aimed at industrial design and maintenance engineers and the educational sector.

A higher-specification but low-cost drop-in replacement for the popular TBS2000, the TBS2000B offers up to 200MHz bandwidth, a 2 gigasample/sec sample rate, and a lower-noise analogue front end.

The oscilloscope provides bandwidth options of 200MHz, 100MHz and 70MHz, with field upgrades possible from lower to higher bandwidths. Models with two or four analogue channels are available, with sampling rates of 2 gigasample/sec over two channels or 1 gigasample/sec over four channels. A record length of 5 million points is available.

Alongside the default sample mode, a “peak detect” mode is available to identify spikes while an “average” mode helps reduce noise on repetitive signals. Signals, measurement results and menu information are all displayed on a clear, spacious 9-inch WVGA colour display with 15 horizontal divisions, so designs can be debugged and validated quickly and easily.

The TBS2000B provides 32 automated measurements, selectable from a single screen without hunting through menus. Measurements are colour coded by source and shown on a transparent background so that they do not obscure waveforms.

On-waveform cursor readouts are a new feature, while a zoom function lets the user pan quickly through a record and zoom in to signal details. A “search and mark” feature allows events in an acquired waveform to be identified and marked throughout the entire acquisition. A dedicated FFT button on the front panel speeds up waveform analysis.

Tektronix’s TekVPI probe interface supports active voltage and current probes — with automatic scaling and units — as well as passive BNC probes. Data such as error conditions are sent direct to the oscilloscope for processing, eliminating manual offsetting and degaussing. Front and rear USB 2.0 and an Ethernet port allow quick, easy data storage, PC and network connections, and the TBS2000B is the first oscilloscope in its class to offer WiFi capability.

For educational use, the TSB2000B is fully compatible with the TekSmartLab instrument management software and provides a Courseware function that displays exercises and guidance on screen; Tektronix offers 100 sample lab exercises for download. Educators can disable autoset, cursors and automated measurements to facilitate teaching of basic concepts.

A further new feature on theTBS2000B is HelpEverywhere, which shows instant assistance during navigation through key menus.

The Tektronix TBS2000B digital storage oscilloscope is shipping now