Tektronix introduces entry level oscilloscope series

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Tektronix has introduced the TBS1000 series of entry level oscilloscopes, designed to provide an affordable, full featured tool for various general purpose electronics test applications.

The company says the new devices deliver excellent performance and accuracy, with 1GS/s or 500MS/s sample rates and 3% dc gain accuracy down to 2mV. Prices start at £343. "There continues to be a strong and growing need globally for lower price point oscilloscopes," said Dave Farrell, general manager, mainstream ascilloscopes at Tektronix. "With the TBS1000 series we are meeting this need with the lowest starting price for a Tektronix oscilloscope in recent history coupled with a capable feature set." Compared to the previous TDS1000-EDU series of oscilloscopes, the TBS1000 series offers more bandwidth alternatives including new 25 and 150MHz models. A new waveform data logging feature allows users to save up to eight hours of triggered waveforms to a usb flash drive, while waveform limit testing allows users to monitor signal changes and output pass/fail results. The TBS1000 is based on the same technology as the TDS2000 Series, and is said to include the same versatile triggering, automatic measurements, usb connectivity, and FFT capability.