RS introduces user-friendly Tektronix TBS1000C oscilloscope

1 min read

RS Components is now stocking the Tektronix TBS1000C digital storage oscilloscope, which comes with an enhanced user interface and courseware, making it suitable for STEM educators, students, and the broader maker community.

The TBS1000C’s HelpAnywhere system has been designed to provide useful on-screen tips and hints, including text and graphics to walk new users through different settings, measurements, and results.

The built-in Scope Intro handbook offers operating instructions and information on oscilloscope basics such as FFT analysis. Students can also take advantage of an integrated courseware system with step-by-step instructions on lab exercises appearing on the display. Educators can load lab exercises within a structured and intuitive framework into which students can capture data for their reports.

Designed to be user-friendly, the TBS1000C comes with an improved viewing angle and a display that is 67% brighter than in previous models. Dedicated front-panel controls give users easy access to all the key settings while on-screen, while large menus with clearly labelled and colour-coded information make it easy to navigate and find information of interest. There is also a zoom function to pan through the record and zoom in to visualise signal details.

A comprehensive set of 32 automated measurements enable fast and convenient testing of a variety of signal conditions across different applications. All measurements are displayed on a single selection screen and colour coded to make selection easy.

Other features include improved acquisition hardware with versatile triggering and acquisition modes. Several acquisition modes are available, including a default Sample Mode as well as a Peak Detect Mode and an Average Mode to reduce noise on repetitive signals.

The TBS1000C comes in bandwidths of 50 MHz, 70 MHz, 100 MHz, and 200 MHz as well as an extended record length of 20k point on all channels.