NXP extends relationship with Microsoft

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NXP Semiconductors has expanded its partnership with Microsoft to bring the Azure RTOS to a broader range of processing solutions from its EdgeVerse portfolio.

The collaboration will give NXP’s developer community using MCUXpresso Software and Tools access to the Azure RTOS, including fully integrated middleware and tools for file management, graphical user interface, security, networking, and wired/wireless connectivity.

Currently, Azure RTOS support is available for many of NXP’s low-power, secure 32-bit LPC and i.MX RT crossover microcontrollers (MCUs). This announcement means that NXP intends to broaden its partnership and enable Azure RTOS from within its popular MCUXpresso software development kit (SDK), which will further expand support across its broader MCU portfolio.

This turn-key integration will help to simplify nearly every step of the development cycle, such as choosing the right processor, developing and deploying secure, intelligent edge devices, building secure local area networks, and connecting to the cloud.

NXP and Microsoft have said that this collaboration will reduce production costs for developers and help them bring new industrial and IoT edge applications to market faster.

“We are pleased to extend our collaboration with NXP to make Azure RTOS available to customers on their MCUXpresso SDK,” said Sam George, corporate vice president, Azure IoT, Microsoft. “As a result of this collaboration, developers can seamlessly connect devices to the Azure cloud, and quickly build and deliver innovative new intelligent edge solutions to customers.”

“The rapid adoption of edge processing has changed the landscape of operating systems for MCUs. The industrial and IoT edge of today requires embedded software that is anchored by small footprint RTOS, combined with comprehensive middleware stacks, which Azure RTOS provides,” said Joe Yu, vice president and general manager of microcontrollers at NXP. “We’re happy to complement the breadth of our MCUs with Azure RTOS for our customers to unlock the limitless possibilities of the intelligent edge and secure connected world.”