NIO and NXP collaborate on 4D imaging radar deployment

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NXP Semiconductors has announced that NIO will leverage the company’s automotive radar technology, including its ground-breaking imaging radar solution.

NXP’s 4D imaging radar solution enables a significant improvement in front radar performance in vehicles. For NIO, a supplier of high-end electric vehicles, its cars will now be able to detect and classify objects such as other vehicles and vulnerable road users in more complex urban scenarios and at distances of up to 300m, bringing increased safety to the roads and improving the driver experience. 

OEMs are increasingly focused on safety and convenience and NXP’s imaging radar technology expands radar’s capabilities from measuring range and speed, to include direction, angle of arrival, and elevation measurement.

Fine-resolution point clouds enhance environmental mapping and scene understanding, enabling the detection and classification of objects beyond the range of human eyesight while measuring the objects’ velocity under almost all weather and light conditions. The technology is seen as being a key step in improving road safety and saving lives, allowing the car to ‘see’ a motorcycle driving close to a large delivery truck or a child entering a roadway between parked cars. 

NXP’s imaging radar solutions are intended for advanced, high-performance front radar applications. Being part of NXP’s full range of radar products, they offer scalability as well as software and hardware design reuse across radar platforms. The combined radar processor and transceiver chipsets deliver efficient advanced radar processing with high-performance RF technology, enabling Level 2+ and higher autonomous driving services.

”NIO is committed to providing users with a vehicle experience that exceeds expectations. Carmakers developing high-level, assisted intelligent driving experiences is a key element of that,” explained Kevin Pan, Assistant Vice President of NIO Supply Chain Development. ”Together with NXP, we’ll be able to take the next step toward improving driver experiences.”

“NXP’s imaging radar technology offers high-resolution object and feature detection for precisely mapping the car's surroundings, enabling carmakers to deliver improved ADAS and autonomous driving features,” said Torsten Lehmann, EVP and GM, Radio Frequency Processing, NXP. “NIO’s decision to adopt NXP 4D imaging radar technology is a testament to its differentiating performance and efficiency.”