NI unveils Semiconductor Test System (STS) software enhancements

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NI has released new STS software enhancements that are intended to deliver significant improvements to the programming and debugging experience, test execution speed, parallel test efficiency and overall equipment efficiency for the NI Semiconductor Test System.

As semiconductor production test engineers look to accelerate the process of developing, debugging and deploying new test programs to manufacturing NI has responded with STS Software 2019, which offers users who do not have access to the tester an improved offline experience for developing test programs.

Improvements include a simplified driver experience for programming duplicate instruments and simplified digital scan support. In addition, an improved debugging experience allows users to quickly perform interactive measurements and debug automated tests in multi-site applications by simply selecting the relevant device under test (DUT) sites and pins.

Semiconductor operations and manufacturing groups are also under growing pressure to continually optimise packaging and test equipment for improved profitability. STS Software 2019 delivers improvements to test throughput as a result of optimised instrumentation drivers for accelerated test execution times and enhanced thread management for improved parallel test efficiency.

Additionally, as manufacturing groups switch tester configurations between lots, STS customers will also benefit from shortened software changeover time, helping them increase utilisation and improve overall equipment efficiency.

“Semiconductor companies are under constant pressure to accelerate time to market and reduce the cost of test. National Instruments has expanded the capabilities of the NI Semiconductor Test System while significantly improving its parallelism, speed and efficiency,” said Ritu Favre, senior vice president and general manager of the Semiconductor Business Unit at NI.

“The new STS Software 2019 enhancements add significant value to our customers to help them to get to market faster and at lower costs.”

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