NI PXI bundles now available from Farnell

2 mins read

Farnell has announced that it is now supplying new PXI test and measurement bundles from NI.

Each of these high-performance bundles includes a PXI Instrument in a 5-slot PXI system that is controlled through a Thunderbolt USB-C port, making them a cost-effective way to automate high-quality measurements and testing with PXI.

Direct connection to a laptop eliminates the additional cost of an on-board controller, providing an economic first-time investment into PXI. Each bundle includes one instrument, leaving four remaining slots to add instruments as testing needs evolve.

NI’s PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation (PXI) are the industry-standard and can be used to build high-performance, mixed measurement systems for validation and production tests. Combining multiple box instruments into a sub-compact single system, PXI software connectivity offers scalability and flexibility so that users are able to customise measurements and simplify test development.

NI's software environment for PXI, which includes LabVIEW and TestStand, allows engineers to customise testing procedures and data acquisition, analysis, and reporting to meet their specific needs. PXI’s modularity and software connectivity has seen it deployed across many industries including automotive, aerospace, electronics, semiconductors, and life sciences.

The architecture of the PXI platform enables users to add or remove modules to meet their specific testing requirements. The PXI bundles are based on common applications and configured so that the user can also customise for their particular application by adding modules that fit their requirements.

The PXI portfolio includes oscilloscopes, source measurement units, LCR meters, waveform generators, digital multimetres - that can replace traditional box instruments and with which you can integrate PXI switches in a variety of topologies.

Key benefits include:

Open industry standard: With more than 60 vendors offering PXI hardware, engineers have a wide range of options when it comes to selecting modules for their test and measurement needs.

High performance: NI PXI hardware utilises the latest technology, incorporating powerful multicore processors, FPGAs, and other technology to increase measurement range and performance.

Scalable: PXI’s architecture makes it possible to synchronise measurements across multiple modules or multiple chassis, enabling systems to grow as requirements change.

James McGregor, Global Head of Test, Tools and Production Supplies, at Farnell, said, “NI’s PXI offers modularity, flexibility and performance for creating custom test and measurement systems, allowing users to easily tailor their testing systems to their specific needs. These bundles are based on very common T&M applications yet allow the customer to add options to focus on the testing that is important to them.

“With a powerful software environment, users can rapidly develop, customise and confidently deploy testing procedures. This addition to Farnell’s portfolio expands and improves an already leading test and measurement range.”