Farnell now stocking NI LabVIEW+ Suite

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Farnell has announced that it is now stocking NI’s LabVIEW+ Suite, a software bundle comprised of LabVIEW plus, TestStand, DIAdem, and FlexLogger.

These are purpose-built tools for measurement, analysis, and test and have been designed to enable engineers to build enhanced automated test systems.

LabVIEW has been NI’s benchmark software programme for over 30 years and is seen by many engineers as the ‘go-to’ problem solving tool by virtue of its ability to accelerate development with graphical programming. This makes building a user interface as easy as drag and drop, coupled with an ability to connect to any instrument.

The LabVIEW+ Suite incorporates NI’s TestStand, which accelerates system development and deployment for engineers in validation and production; DIAdem application software designed to process, visualise, and streamline root-cause determination and FlexLogger, the no-code data acquisition software engineers use to plan and implement system testing criteria faster and more efficiently.

The new LabVIEW+ Suite now available from Farnell can save purchasers up to 60% by purchasing the bundle rather than the individual software applications as standalone tools.

Commenting Farnell Vice President, Global Product & Supplier Management, Lee Turner, said, “LabVIEW has long been a powerful development tool for engineers. The LabVIEW+ Suite uses the power of the LabVIEW with additional software tools for engineers to quickly design and validate products. The significant savings by purchasing the LabVIEW+ Suite instead of buying each tool ad-hoc is an attractive option.

“The LabVIEW+ Suite can help development engineers make faster decisions, prototype more efficiently, and validate their work with greater ease. With its ability to deliver a wealth of usable data, this suite is a valuable asset for any engineer looking to streamline their workflow."