Multiverse Computing and Bosch unveil quantum Digital Twin Initiative

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Multiverse Computing, a specialist in quantum computing solutions, has announced that it is working with Bosch on a collaborative research project.

Operating out of the Bosch Automotive Electronics plant in Madrid the collaboration looks to leverage quantum computing in developing a virtual replica or “digital twin” of a factory.

The Multiverse software solution will leverage data to assess the performance of individual equipment as well as broader production processes to enhance quality control and improve overall efficiencies, including energy and waste management.

According to Carlos Conde, Technical Vice President of the Bosch factory in Madrid, "The collaboration with Multiverse is focused on improving the productivity and competitiveness of our factory by researching the use of quantum and quantum-inspired machine learning tools, aligned with our global Smart Factory strategy. We have a great expectation about the results of the algorithms development using our Big Data and about to spread this knowledge within Bosch organisation.”

The companies said that they expect to have results of the current phase (development and implementation of customized quantum and quantum-inspired algorithms) in the Madrid facility later this year with a potential integration in a production environment across Bosch manufacturing facilities to follow.

“We are excited to team with Bosch to take their connected factory strategy to the quantum level,” said Enrique Lizaso Olmos, CEO of Multiverse Computing. “This is one of the first applications of quantum computing with a digital twin. We believe it will provide a whole new level of insight and advantage to Bosch’s manufacturing operations.”

“This latest Multiverse partnership once again demonstrates the ability for quantum computing to offer real value to companies now, as well as shows the increasing versatility of our solutions,” Lizaso said.

To date Industry 4.0 efforts across Bosch’s 240 plants have resulted in 120,000 connected machines and more than 250,000 devices. Bosch connected solutions have been able to increase productivity up to 25 percent. In 2021 alone, the company recorded sales of more than 800 million euros with connected solutions for manufacturing and logistics.