Mouser signs distribution agreement with Quantic X-Microwave

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Mouser Electronics has signed a global distribution agreement with Quantic X-Microwave, producers of modular electronics for prototyping and developing RF and microwave products.

Through the agreement, Mouser will now be stocking Quantic X-Microwave's modular hardware solutions.

Quantic X-Microwave produces a comprehensive range of modular RF and microwave building blocks that allow designers to design, evaluate, prototype, and deliver high-performance RF and microwave systems.

Applications include wireless infrastructure, radar, navigation, transportation, quantum computing, medical devices, test and measurement. Each block includes key components, such as amplifiers, mixers, filters, and switches, and are designed with a standard launch geometry, allowing any two blocks to be cascaded using a patented solderless interconnect system.

Complex designs can be built on the prototyping plate with RF blocks on top and matched bias, sequencing, and control boards on the bottom. The user can quickly switch out individual components until the desired results are achieved. The drop-in components can then easily transition from the prototyping plate to a machined H-frame housing for quick, low-risk transition to production.

To get started using Quantic X-Microwave's modular RF and microwave building blocks, Mouser has recommended that the user first obtain the Design Essentials which include brass or copper nickel-plated prototyping plates, solderless interconnects, ground-signal-ground jumpers, probes, a touchscreen controller and more.

Users can then choose from a wide variety of key RF component manufacturers, such as Qorvo, Analog Devices, Knowles, and MACOM, among others, and begin designing their applications.

Free online tools provide a graphic user interface (GUI), enabling designers to optimize design topology for performance, size, cost and power consumption.