Mouser signs global distribution agreement with Trinamic

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Mouser Electronics has signed a global distribution agreement with Trinamic, now part of Maxim Integrated.

Trinamic, a specialist in intelligent motion and its motion control expertise, along and Maxim Integrated’s power analogue process technology enables more intelligent actuators helping engineers to deliver more intelligence at the edge.

The company's application-driven approach means that engineers do not need in-depth knowledge of motors or control circuitry which helps to simplify the design phase and results in significant labour and cost savings in development as well as a reduction in the total cost of ownership.

Mouser is now stocking a broad selection of Trinamic products, including stepper motor drivers and evaluation kits.

The Trinamic TMCM-3110 3-axis stepper motor driver is a highly integrated and compact controller/driver that supports up to three bipolar stepper motors with up to 2.8 ARMS coil current. It features an operating voltage range of 9 VDC to 48 VDC and is available in versions controlled by CANopen firmware or Trinamic’s TMCL firmware.

The TMCM-6110 6-axis stepper motor controller and driver is a standalone board that supports up to six bipolar stepper motors with up to 1.1 ARMS coil current.

Both the TMCM-3110 and TMCM-6110 ready-to-use boards are powered by proprietary StallGuard, CoolStep, and SpreadCycle technologies and provide RS485, CAN, and USB interfaces. An integrated protocol processor supplies high-level TMCL communication..

The TMC5130-EVAL-KIT evaluation kit allows engineers to explore all functions of the TMC5130A-TA cDriver integrated motor driver and motion controller solution for 3D printing, CCTV cameras, pumps, and other automated equipment applications.

The kit allows engineers to evaluate the high-voltage TMC5160A motor controller and driver IC with serial communication interfaces.

Both kits include a microcontroller board, a bridge board, and either a TMC5130-EVAL or TMC5160-EVAL driver board to enable quick and easy evaluation with full access to all registers and full functionality and diagnostics.