Guerrilla RF and X-Microwave partner to deliver modular RF designs

1 min read

Guerrilla RF (GRF) has entered into a collaboration with X-Microwave to offer a series of solutions that will help to dramatically cut the development time associated with traditional component evaluation and signal chain prototyping.

X-Microwave, a leading provider of RF and microwave modular blocks, delivers a complete ecosystem of modular RF and microwave drop-in components, as well as a full suite of test and prototyping accessories.

The initial offering of GRF-specific X-MWblocks will include RF low noise amplifiers (LNAs), gain blocks, drivers, amplifiers with bypass, mixers and power detectors. More products will be added as they are released by GRF. Guerrilla RF’s utilisation of a common product footprint will help accelerate this modular portfolio expansion.

“With catalogue components representing a significant portion of Guerrilla’s business, it became increasingly obvious we needed a ‘force multiplier’ in assisting customers with their designs. X-Microwave’s modular approach is a great fit since it mirrors our own strategy of providing core blocks that can be easily swapped in and out of designs as part of the optimisation process,” said Ryan Pratt, founder and CEO of Guerrilla RF.

“Now that our cores are part of the X-Microwave ecosystem, customers can easily piece together our solutions into full line-ups in hours vs. weeks. This agile approach to system design is game changing for our customers; concepts can be optimised and proven out with real hardware at a fraction of the time it would normally take for traditional system designs.”

“GRF’s strong portfolio of amplifiers, mixers, power detectors and switches includes ideal building blocks for X-Microwave’s prototyping and production system,” said John Richardson, founder and GM of X-Microwave. “Virtually all of the targeted cores utilise a common footprint, making it exceptionally easy to proliferate our offering of customisable X-MWblocks.”