MontaVista launches MVEdge for the Intelligent Edge

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MontaVista Software, a supplier of commercial Embedded Linux products and services, has unveiled MVEdge, a full-platform solution for the Intelligent Edge, specifically aimed at gateway-style devices.

MVEdge provides customers with the full DevOps environment from source to deployment, including a pre-integrated security framework for the run-time platform and support for production security processes.

The platform has been designed to be flexible in its approach to maintaining the Linux distribution, depending on the end product’s lifecycle requirements.  In addition, MVEdge includes options for different levels of CVE maintenance services, SLA-based support and security configurations up to a certified level for safety/security standards. 

MVEdge is based on the partnership between MontaVista Software and, the aim of which has been to bring together core capabilities of the two companies: a field-proven commercial Embedded Linux distribution from MontaVista supporting a wide range of embedded hardware boards, and a cloud-native tool suite including end-to-end secure Over-The-Air (OTA) update technologies and container based CICD pipeline from

At the heart of MVEdge is a feature rich Linux platform from MontaVista that is built on the same Carrier-Grade infrastructure as MontaVista’s Carrier-Grade eXpress (CGX) Linux, a product family with 20+ years of deployment in the Embedded Linux market.

The Linux baselines in MVEdge are combined with the FoundriesFactory build system, a DevOps tool suite delivering cloud-based build infrastructure, and a secure OTA update solution with advanced fleet management features. With this combination, developers will be able to deploy and manage complex cloud IoT projects securely, leveraging an industry leading Linux platform and support services for security and configuration.

The solution provides an end-to-end platform for value-add software development that can be deployed rapidly and securely maintained for the product’s lifespan.

MVEdge provides a pre-integrated solution and tooling allowing fielded devices to be updated and supported for 10 years or more with a seamless CVE patch stream provided by MontaVista.  Maintenance patches include backported support for the latest security vulnerabilities merged with the stable platform baseline deployed by the customer. This approach keeps devices in the field secure, and greatly reduces the risk of regressions that can be introduced by rebasing.

The initial version of MVEdge is based on Yocto Project 3.1 user-space baseline, and Linux kernel 5.4, and includes platform support across the major architectures IA/x86, ARM, PPC and MIPS, with custom BSP options provided by MontaVista’s award winning Professional Services team.

Commenting George Grey, CEO of, said, “Coupling MontaVista’s storied Linux and services expertise with our groundbreaking approach of using cloud technologies to develop, deploy and maintain Linux software accelerates time to market and delivers new opportunities to OEMs building and deploying secure intelligent devices at the Edge.”

The MV Edge product is available for early access customers immediately with projected general availability within Q3-2022.