and Arduino to deliver embedded Linux IoT and edge solutions

1 min read, a leader in cloud native development and deployment solutions for secure IoT and Edge devices, is partnering with Arduino to deliver more secure, embedded Linux IoT and Edge solutions for the enterprise with the Arduino Pro Portenta X8.

Arduino, which manufactures open hardware development boards, will use FoundriesFactory in its enterprise product to help customers ease development and deployment, reduce costs and accelerate revenue associated with industrial IoT and Edge devices.

“A few years ago, with the Yún, Arduino invented a new category of products by combining microcontrollers and microprocessors on a single hardware platform. Now, we are taking this experience to the next level by providing enterprises the same flexibility, thanks to the Portenta X8 (4x Cortex-A53, Cortex-M7 and 2x M4),” said Fabio Violante, CEO at Arduino.

“You cannot think about a Linux-based device without anticipating the challenges of securing and maintaining it over time. This requires expertise, commitment and attention to every detail related to security and maintenance. For this reason, we decided to partner with to simplify this approach by providing a ready-to-use solution that can help our customers build systems with confidence.”

The IoT market is forecast to more than double in the next five years, and the market for Edge devices is expected to triple with accelerated growth expected in industrial IoT, Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure and robotics.

The security of these devices is a critical challenge as is the expense associated with building and maintaining Linux to support them. FoundriesFactory is able to address these challenges with a cloud-based DevOps service that is able to build, test, deploy and maintain these devices.

It includes a fit-for-purpose, customisable Linux microPlatform OS built using best industry practices for security and incremental Over The Air (OTA) updates.

" is in a unique position to advance Arduino's vision for enabling enterprises to more easily deploy and maintain Linux-based products for IoT and Edge applications," said George Grey, CEO at "The combination of the Portenta X8 and the FoundriesFactory cloud solution will accelerate customer time to market, increase product security and enable rapid deployment and lifetime OTA management of customer devices and fleets, while giving freedom of choice for connectivity to public or private cloud services.”

Users will be able to access a FoundriesFactory for the Portenta X8 hardware platform. This will enable users to immediately connect Arduino Portenta X8-based products to the cloud and start developing container-based applications, leveraging the device management and DevOps capabilities available with FoundriesFactory.