Guerrilla RF completes acquisition of GaN portfolio from Gallium Semiconductor

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Guerrilla RF has announced that is has finalised the acquisition of Gallium Semiconductor's entire portfolio of GaN power amplifiers and front-end modules.

Credit: Guerrilla RF

The company has acquired all previously released components as well as new cores under development at Gallium Semiconductor. In addition, all associated intellectual property (IP) has been transferred to Guerrilla RF as part of this portfolio acquisition.

The company said that by integrating these assets, it intends to significantly enhance its ongoing efforts to develop and commercialise a new line of GaN devices tailored for wireless infrastructure, military, and satellite communications applications.

According to the Yole Group, the RF GaN device market is set to see substantial growth and is projected to double in value from $1.3bn in 2022 to $2.7bn by 2028.

This growth is primarily attributed to double-digit expansion within three key market segments that are relevant to Guerrilla RF: telecom infrastructure (including 5G and point-to-point systems), military, and satellite communications, with projected compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) of 10%, 13%, and 18%, respectively.

Moreover, the GaN on SiC variants utilised in Gallium Semiconductor's designs are forecasted to dominate this market for the next decade.

Ryan Pratt, CEO and founder of Guerrilla RF, commented, “As the company continues to evolve as an RFIC and MMIC supplier, integrating GaN technology into our expanding portfolio is imperative. GaN represents a pivotal advancement towards offering comprehensive signal chains for our target markets. Prior to this acquisition, Guerrilla RF was already advancing GaN device development as part of its organic growth strategy.

“The acquisition of Gallium Semiconductor's portfolio significantly accelerates this strategic initiative. We anticipate this transaction will yield meaningful revenue with favourable margins in the near and long term.”

“Merging these new products into Guerrilla RF’s portfolio is expected to be fast and seamless. Both companies share common foundry partners for GaN and GaAs products and target similar applications and market segments,” said Henk Thoonen, CEO of Gallium Semiconductor.

“Guerrilla RF will inherit a diverse range of released and sampling products, encompassing simple, unmatched transistors to fully integrated asymmetric Doherty PAs. With rated peak power levels ranging from 5W to 400W, these products complement Guerrilla RF's existing portfolio of InGaP HBT and GaAs pHEMT amplifiers which are suited for power levels of 2W and below.”

Guerrilla has already begun actively integrating these new components into its ordering system, with full portfolio integration anticipated by June 2024.