Guerrilla RF announces release of Linear PAs and LNAs

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Guerrilla RF has announced the release of two ¼ W linear PAs and two LNAs earmarked specifically for the automotive market.

All four devices have been qualified to meet AEC-Q100 quality standards – a critical benchmark for semiconductor devices used within automotive applications. These PAs and LNAs are used primarily in cellular compensators (essentially cellular ‘signal boosters’ serving to amplify and enhance cellular signals within the cabin of vehicles).

The GRF5507W and GRF5517W join the previously announced GRF5526W and GRF5536W linear Pas and, together, these four devices cover the most popular cellular bands spanning the 700MHz – 4200MHz frequency range. These components are derivatives of GRF’s recently released ¼ W PA family; the primary difference being that these new cores have been subjected to an additional set of qualification tests and unique production screening protocols to warrant an AEC-Q100 Class 2 rating.

The GRF55xx-W series of PAs are intended for 4G/5G cellular applications requiring exceptional native linearity over temperature extremes of -40°C to 105°C. Each of these devices can deliver up to 23dBm of output power with better than -45dBc of ACLR performance – all without the aid of supplemental linearisation schemes like digital pre-distortion (DPD).

The ability to beat the -45dBc ACLR performance metric without DPD is critical for meeting the stringent size, cost and power dissipation requirements of these cellular compensator/compenser applications.

The GRF2106W and GRF2133W also complement GRF’s existing portfolio of fully qualified AEC-Q100 LNAs. The GRF2106W is rated to operate over the 2700 – 5000 MHz range with a nominal gain of 21.5 dB and a low NF of 0.8 dB. A higher gain level of 28 dB is available with the GRF2133 providing an even lower NF of 0.6 dB over an operating band of 1800 – 5000MHz.