Future Facilities releases latest version of it 6SigmaET thermal simulation software

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Future Facilities' Release 15 of its thermal simulation software, 6SigmaET, incorporates major developments that bring a series of new features, including enhanced views, optimised liquid cooling and much faster GPU radiation calculations.

According to Future Facilities, Release 15 will provide electronics engineers with superior views that will enable them to quickly analyse models with photorealistic graphics, 60 fps model manipulation, and its fastest-loading surface temperature plots to date.

This latest version also provides one of the fastest GPU radiation calculations currently available, with new ray tracing technology. With optimised liquid cooling, engineers will be able to model complex liquid cooled systems efficiently with 6SigmaET currently being the only simulation software to offer a fully integrated connection between the 1D flow network and the 3D model.

In addition, 6SigmaET’s latest CAD Workflow means that engineers can update their model to the latest iteration by updating CAD, rather than having to rebuild from scratch. While new automation functionalities within 6SigmaCommander means that both model creation and post processing can be done automatically — reducing the amount of overall time spent on projects.

Commenting on the new release, Chris Aldham, Product Manager at 6SigmaET said, “As electronics designs grow more complicated, today’s engineers require ever more accurate and reliable thermal simulation tools. The latest update to 6SigmaET cements our commitment to creating an intelligent and automated thermal simulation software for electronics, meeting the very latest generation of engineering requirements.

“At the heart of this update is a renewed focus on graphics. Our new photorealistic graphics will enable engineers to fully see and understand how their designs look in situ, while simultaneously improving the speed of the display. By building on feedback from our customer base and incorporating the latest advancements in CFD simulation technology, we are pleased to announce that Release 15 will be the fastest, most powerful and most accurate iteration of 6SigmaET yet.”