Report reveals thermal design priorities

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New research from Future Facilities - maker of the 6SigmaET thermal simulation software - has revealed the top design priorities of leading thermal engineers in the IT equipment industry in 2019.

The research was derived from a digital roundtable event which brought together thermal designers, engineers and experts from leading brands including, Facebook, HP Enterprise, QuantaCool, Engineered Fluids, CommScope, Vertiv, 6SigmaET and Binghamton University.

According to these experts, the key trends shaping IT electronics in 2019 centre around artificial intelligence, the internet of things, 5G and edge computing and these trends are driving a number of new thermal design priorities with the most commonly identified including:

  1. The need for hybrid cooling to cope with new IoT environments
  2. Remote monitoring of cooling systems in edge computing devices
  3. More accurate monitoring and simulation of energy use in data centres
  4. Thermal cooling solutions for 5G base stations and new AI hardware
  5. Tools that can accurately simulate these new technologies and environments

Commenting on the findings, Chris Aldham, Product Manager at Future Facilities said, “Recent advancements in technology over the past few years have resulted in unprecedented changes in the way engineers view their designs.

“The introduction of AI, 5G, edge computing and the internet of things all have major implications for how — and where — electronics need to operate, and that in turn means a whole host of new considerations from a thermal perspective.

“By continuing to lead the industry through our research and ongoing discussions with engineers, we are able to continuously improve our thermal simulation products, helping designers stay ahead of these new processes and evolving design requirements.”

Following the roundtable, Future Facilities has releasing the key findings as an e-book that engineers can use to compare, enhance and streamline their own design processes.

To download a copy of Future Facilities’ Thermal Focus report, head to