Thermal simulation software upgraded

1 min read

Future Facilities has launched the eleventh iteration of its thermal simulation software, 6SigmaET. The new edition includes an updated user interface designed for greater speed and accessibility, as well as an increase in the maximum resolution – allowing users to solve models up to 700million grid cells across their designs.

In addition to improved gridding capabilities, 6SigmaET has also announced a new Double Precision Solver function, designed to improve the calculation of the temperature residual to solve models in fewer iterations.

In addition to solve times, 6SigmaET has also improved its integration with the Rescale cloud platform. Within Release 11, users can now send models to Rescale for solving, monitor progress and retrieve results directly from the 6SigmaET user interface. They can also now use a client PC to submit and retrieve 6SigmaET jobs from a CFD server on a high-performance-computing cluster in the cloud.

“The launch of Release 11 represents a renewed focus for 6SigmaET, prioritising super-fast solving, usability and the on-going move towards cloud computing,” said Tom Gregory, product manager at Future Facilities.

“With a user base that has more than doubled, the 6SigmaET platform is a staple of thermal design amongst international electronics providers such as Bosch, Motorola and Selex ES. As the demands of this expanding client base evolve, so too must the 6SigmaET platform.”

Other additions to Release 11 include:

  • Customisable ribbons: new simplified menu allows users to add and remove regularly accessed features
  • Import Wizard: a IDF and IDX import wizard ensures simpler file imports
  • File locking: improved file locking guarantees that collaborative projects cannot be accidentally saved over
  • Approximate component models: 6SigmaET will now recommend similar library objects when an exact match is unavailable
  • Planar isotropic conductivity normal to surface: allows flexible or bent PCBs to be modelled and solved accurately