Farnell now stocking latest power solutions from ADI

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Farnell has announced the availability of the latest power products from Analog Devices (ADI).

These newly introduced power management ICs and converters are engineered to meet the most stringent power requirements, delivering cutting-edge design and packaging technologies.

Jose Lok, Product Category Director, Semiconductors at Farnell, said: “We now have a vast selection of ADI products in stock, including an impressive range of power products. Our work with them allows us to stay ahead of the curve and bring the latest and greatest technology to our customers. We are committed to providing them with the most innovative products, and this recent stock influx is a testament to that."

The latest ADI power products now stocked by Farnell include:

LTM8080: The LTM8080 40VIN μModule regulator can provide dual 500mA or single 1A ultra-low noise, ultra-high power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) to a wide range of applications. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of RF power supplies, the μModule regulator is suitable for PLLs, VCOs, mixers, and LNAs. It can also be used with applications where very low noise instrumentation is critical, such as high-speed, high-precision data converters. Medical applications can also benefit greatly from its use, particularly imaging and diagnostic equipment, where high accuracy and reliability are paramount.

MAXM17572AMC+ and MAXM17572EVKIT#: The DC/DC POL converter synchronous buck and evaluation board, consisting of MAXM17572AMC+ and MAXM17572EVKIT#, has been designed for a wide range of industrial applications. The converter is capable of distributed supply regulation, making it suitable for use in FPGA and DSP point-of-load regulators, as well as base station point-of-load regulators. Additionally, it can be used in HVAC and building control applications.

LTC4286 and EVAL-LTC4286-A1Z: The LTC4286, paired with the EVAL-LTC4286-A1Z evaluation board, serves as an advanced hot-swap controller solution. This combination is specifically designed for use in various applications, including high-availability server backplane systems, distributed power systems operating at 12V, 24V, 48V, and 54V, and industrial settings. The LTC4286 offers robust performance and reliability, making it an important component for systems where uninterrupted power delivery and protection against power faults are paramount.

LTC9111 and EVAL-SPoE-KIT-AZ: This single pair over Ethernet technology is tailored for a range of crucial power and data applications. These include building automation, factory automation, security systems, and traffic control systems. The EVAL-SPoE-KIT-AZ evaluation kit showcases the interoperability of LTC9111 (PD) to deliver power over single pair Ethernet, allowing for superior performance and efficiency. This is an essential component for systems that demand reliable power distribution and management within the realms of these critical applications.

MAX25263 and MAX25262: The MAX25263 and MAX25262 are high-performance 2A and 3A mini buck converters designed for automotive use. They offer a variety of capabilities with a 65V input, low Iq, and low EMI. These versatile components are well-suited for a range of automotive applications.

MAX66301-25XEVKIT: This system includes a MAX66250 tag and a MAX66301 evaluation kit. The MAX66301 evaluation kit supports both an ISO 15693 RFID reader and a SHA-3 DeepCover Secure Authenticator coprocessor. The MAX66301-25XEVKIT is a versatile solution tailored for a wide range of applications. Its advanced features provide a contactless solution for product verification and the secure management of features and peripherals in diverse applications.

LTC3313 and EVAL-LTC3313EV-A-Z: This versatile, high current 15A setup of the LTC3313 and companion eval board EVAL-LTC3313EV-A-Z caters to a wide spectrum of applications, spanning the automotive, industrial, and communications sectors. It also finds its place in server and telecom power supply units, contributing to efficient and reliable power management. Furthermore, it’s also intended for distributed DC power systems (POL) and serves as a dependable source for FPGA, ASIC, and microprocessor core supplies, helping to ensure stable and optimised power delivery.

MAX25169ATM/V+ and MAX25169EVKIT#: This I²C-controlled 6-channel backlight driver with ASIL B features offers a host of features and benefits. The MAX25169ATM/V+ and the MAX25169EVKIT# showcases hybrid dimming, enhancing both EMI and acoustic performance while achieving a higher dimming ratio. Additionally, it demonstrates a smooth fade in/out function for seamless brightness transitions. With a designed thermal foldback feature, I²C programmability, and full sequencing flexibility, this driver provides a high degree of control and adaptability.

LTM4702EY#PBF and EVAL-LTM4702-AZ:  The LTM4702 is a complete 8A step-down Silent Switcher μModule regulator in a 6.25mm × 6.25mm × 5.07mm BGA package. It employs Silent Switcher architecture with internal hot loop bypass capacitors to achieve both low EMI and high efficiency, which makes the device ideal for noise sensitive applications such as telecom, networking, and industrial equipment.

MAX17554 and MAX17554AEVKIT#: The MAX17554, coupled with the MAX17554AEVKIT#, represents a highly integrated DC/DC converter solution, designed with an impressive capacity of 60V and 50mA output, all packed into an ultra-compact form factor. This feature-rich DC/DC converter caters to a variety of essential applications. It finds its place in factory automation, where efficiency and reliability are critical for smooth operations.