Farnell strengthens stock of XP Power solutions products

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Farnell has announced that it has strengthened its stock of XP Power products to now offer customers access to 5,000 products available for next day delivery.

Credit: XP Power

XP Power, which is Farnell’s most popular power brand, provides a broad range of fully integrated, high efficiency and cost-effective power solutions for design engineers, including AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters, and high voltage power supplies.

Among the most popular XP Power solutions available from Farnell are:

  • MCE Series: A compact board mounted 3-40W medically approved AC-DC power supply, that benefits system designers by providing easy integration into a wide range of BF-rated medical applications including imaging, patient treatment, surgical equipment and home healthcare applications.
  • DRC Series: A range of low profile lightweight 30-100W DIN rail mount power supplies that provide a convenient and cost-effective power conversion solution for many industrial and commercial applications.
  • LCS series: Enclosed 35-150W AC-DC power supplies are intended for industrial electronics, technology and household equipment such as auxiliary power sources, security installations, lighting control, smart home or office control systems, ticketing and vending applications.
  • AQM Series: Medical external 200-300W power supplies based on wide-bandgap GaN technology, enabling an ultra-compact size of approximately half the volume of traditional products, and offers high efficiency, low standby power and 2xMOPP isolation, intended for a wide range of medical applications.
  • VR/SVR: High efficiency, non-isolated 0.5A, 1A & 2A PoL DC-DC switching regulators that provide a switching regulator solution that operates from a wide range DC input range with adjustable output voltages. Applications can include embedded computing, instrumentation and process control systems.
  • IAS/IES Series: These are isolated 1W DC-DC converters that are suitable for isolating voltage rails in a distributed power supply architecture such as analogue, digital, data and relay circuits. This product family offers a compact, long-lasting design with high efficiency, short circuit protection and high operating temperature.

Commenting, Farnell Product Segment Leader for XP Power, Steve Hallgate, said, “We are delighted to have further expanded Farnell’s already impressive range of XP Power products and are pleased to offer customers the opportunity to quickly resolve their power challenges by accessing our extensive stock of safe, reliable and efficient power solutions for industrial, medical and domestic applications.”