Boréas HapticStudio SDK lets designers create haptic effects in consumer electronics

1 min read

Boréas Technologies has launched the Boréas HapticStudio, an intuitive software development kit (SDK) that lets designers develop customised haptic effects on Boréas CapDrive semiconductors.

CapDrive is Boréas’ family of tiny, ultra-low-power piezo driver integrated circuits (ICs) that deliver high-resolution sensing and haptic effects to smartphones, PC trackpads, automotive cabins, and virtual reality (VR) peripherals. 

The company also announced general availability of its CapDrive ultra-low-power piezo driver with advanced sensing, the BOS1921. The BOS1921 is the first CapDrive IC to support Boréas HapticStudio, speeding the creation of personalised experiences that emulate realistic touch.

“Boréas HapticStudio is our first GUI tool to let designers explore the many advantages of piezo haptic effects without requiring homegrown software coding, significantly accelerating development time,” said Simon Chaput, founder & CEO, Boréas Technologies.

“Unlike older non-piezo technologies that restrict the designer’s ability to customise users’ tactile experiences, Boréas HapticStudio frees designers to adjust vibration, response speed, and touch intensity. It also registers changes immediately, allowing designers to test drive different haptic effects before integrating them on end-user devices, such as smartphones, wearables, and video game controllers.”

Boréas HapticStudio is a tightly integrated interface that lets designers visually adjust the waveforms that produce haptic effects on a graphical user interface (GUI) platform. Without further calibration, designers can evaluate different haptic effects immediately on the BOS1921-Kit, the company’s plug-and-play development kit for the BOS1921.

Boréas CapDrive piezo driver ICs harvest and store unused energy to enable a 10x power savings over many competing piezo driver products. They are rugged and reliable devices that meet stringent demands for vibration, temperature variation, force and other environmental factors.

Boréas HapticStudio is now available for download with the BOS1921-Kit, a complete haptic-feedback development kit featuring the BOS1921, a piezo actuator, and other components.