Andes Technology and Rafael Microelectronics announce strategic partnership

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Andes Technology and Rafael Microelectronics have announced a strategic partnership to bring a wireless IoT connectivity solution based on RISC-V cores to the industry.

Andes Technology is a developer of 32/64-bit RISC-V CPU core solutions, while Rafael Microelectronics, is a provider for RF IP and wireless communication subsystem cores.

Wireless subsystem IPs from Rafael Microelectronics are designed as complete solutions that enable protocols of IoT connectivity to run on AndesCore ultra-compact N22 processor.

Rafael Microelectronics offers Bluetooth Low Energy version 5.0/5.1/5.2, Zigbee version 3.0 and full frequency band of sub gigahertz subsystems with radio designs targeting on various process nodes. The N22, which is a highly efficient and low-power 2-stage pipeline RISC-V CPU core, can work with Rafael’s wireless subsystems to provide full control of MAC layer, Network layer and Application layer functions efficiently. The configurable wireless subsystem IPs also supply a wide-range selection of data link control for IoT devices.

Commenting Ted Sun, CEO at Rafael Microelectronics said, “Combining Rafael’s RF and communication IP technology with Andes’ N22 RISC-V CPU core, provides customers with a low-power, cost-effective and high-sensitivity radio solutions.”

“Wireless connectivity embedded in SOC becomes more essential for power and cost sensitive applications,” said Dr. Charlie Su, CTO and Executive VP of Andes Technology. “We are excited that the integration of our RISC-V processor core N22 with Rafael Microelectronics’ wireless subsystem IPs brings highly competitive IoT connectivity solutions to SoC vendors.”