Ambient Photonics raises $30m in Series A2 funding round

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Ambient Photonics, a company that’s pioneering low-light energy harvesting technology for connected devices, has secured $30 million in a Series A2 funding round.

The round was led by Fine Structure Ventures, affiliated with the parent company of Fidelity Investments, and included new investors Helios Climate Ventures, Regeneration.VC, and Sustainable Future Ventures. Existing investors I Squared Capital, Ecosystem Integrity Fund, and Cthulhu Ventures also joined the raise.

Ambient said that it will leverage the funding to expand its manufacturing capabilities and drive mass-market adoption of its proprietary low-light energy harvesting technology, which replaces disposable batteries in connected devices, such as remote controls, keyboards, mice, electronic shelf labels, and sensors. The company recently inaugurated its flagship manufacturing facility in Scotts Valley, California.

"We recognise that disposable batteries and the toxic waste they create present an urgent problem for our planet,” said Jesse Johnson, Managing Director at Partner at Helios Climate Ventures. "Ambient’s energy harvesting solution for connected devices is the kind of revolutionary technology we’ve been looking for.”

Matthew Chagan, Partner at Sustainable Future Ventures, added, "Ambient Photonics' low-light solar technology accelerates our transition to a sustainable built environment. We are excited about its potential to significantly reduce the cost, operational complexity, and battery waste of implementing energy-saving IoT devices across the home, commercial, and industrial sectors.”