Ambarella’s Edge AI SoC selected for intelligent vehicle security system

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Ambarella, the edge AI semiconductor company, and Canopy, a smart vehicle security start-up, have announced that Canopy has selected Ambarella’s CV25 AI computer vision system-on-chip (SoC) for its Canopy Pickup Cam system.

The Pickup Cam system provides real-time monitoring and threat detection for truck beds. The result of a joint venture between ADT and Ford, Canopy’s camera and security system is compatible with most pickup trucks and began shipping to customers at the end of last month.

With vehicle theft rates are on the rise, Canopy’s security system proactively monitors the cargo inside truck beds and sends automatic alerts when suspicious activity is detected, unlike traditional security alarms that send notifications after an incident. With an initial focus on personal vehicles, and with plans to expand to fleet vehicles in the near future, the Canopy Pickup Cam is the first aftermarket, AI-enabled security system for truck bed security.

This system uses Ambarella’s CV25 SoC to detect threats such as reach-ins and tampering, while reducing false alerts for truck owners. The CV25’s power efficiency enables the Pickup Cam to provide comprehensive threat detection and alerts for extended periods of time. Additionally, the CV25 SoC supports future system expansions for additional cameras.

“We selected Ambarella’s CVflow SoC because it provides a powerful AI engine with low power consumption, fast boot and excellent low-light performance,” said Canopy CTO Ben Brown. “These industry-leading features helped us combine the benefits of smart home technology with our automotive and AI expertise to create the only multi-make security system that proactively protects pickup owners’ valuable truck bed cargo.”

Canopy’s system comes equipped with the visual quality needed for increased accuracy from AI algorithms, while maintaining a compact form factor and low power budget. For example, the Pickup Cam features a 180° ultra-wide field of view, supported by the CV25 SoC’s de-warping and Ambarella’s world-class image signal processor (ISP).

Additionally, this on-chip ISP provides superior low-light performance and colour night vision, delivering improved image quality in adverse lighting scenarios.

The Pickup Cam also uses Ambarella’s on-chip H.264/H.265 video compression engine to deliver constant video recording, ensuring critical evidence can be gathered in the event of an incident.

Owners will also be able to use the Canopy security app to view a live stream of their truck bed when they are away from their vehicle.