UK fin-tech investment booms

A new report from KPMG has shown that investment in financial tech firms in the UK grew sevenfold in 2021 to top £27.5bn. In fact, London attracted more fintech funding than the rest of the EMEA region put together.

This fintech boom saw 601 deals with the size of many of those deals, which included the $14.8bn Refinitiv deal completed in January 2021, significantly bigger than in previous years. According to KPMG five out of the 10 largest fintech deals in the EMEA region were in the UK. 

The global fintech market is huge and funding across the various sectors was worth $210bn – across a record 5,684 deals – in 2021, with strong growth recorded in areas such as blockchain and crypto, cybersecurity, and wealthtech.  

While UK fintech is booming it’s still relatively small in terms of the global market. However, KPMG’s report found that there was an ‘incredible amount of interest’ in all manner of fintech companies, with the sector's scope ‘broadening every day.’