Surge in demand for AI jobs curbed by lack of talent

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According to recent data the number of jobs in artificial intelligence has jumped by a massive 485 percent in the past three years.

The recruitment website Indeed has found that there's been a significant spike in demand for employees with the appropriate skills but, worryingly, there are currently over two times as many AI jobs available than there are suitable candidates.

Interest in AI roles has risen by 178% in the past three and a half years, significant but nowhere near high enough to meet the fivefold surge in postings.

Typical roles in AI include Machine Learning Engineers and Software Developers. Research has found that in most cases applicants require previous experience and a degree in a subject like maths or physics, although some may even have qualifications in machine learning.

Money doesn't appear to be an issue, with salaries averaging over £54k, but the availability of workers with suitable skills simply isn't keeping up with demand from employers.

While government continues to make high profile attempts to encourage more people to take up science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects and degrees, those efforts are yet to feed through to the AI front line.

Yet again we are reminded that we need to be investing more in education and the right skills to create a workforce suited to the C21.