AI jobs challenge

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With Artificial Intelligence promising to deliver some of the most significant innovations of this century, new research from the Reboot SEO Agency has found that demand for AI-related jobs has surged across Europe.

Nowhere more so than in the UK, where their research found that in Europe the UK is ranked number one in terms of the most AI-jobs overall with a reported 117,898 AI-related job vacancies.

In second place was France with 20,398 job vacancies, followed by the Netherlands with 14,804 and Germany in fourth with 11,687.

It’s not surprising that the UK has the most vacancies in this space as there are over 1400 start-up AI companies in the UK, such as OneTrust and Graphcore, compared to just over 400 in France and nearly 300 in Germany.

However, these are vacancies that need to be filled so while the total number is certainly an encouraging sign of strong demand in a fast-growing sector, it’s also concerning as unless companies can fill these posts growth in this dynamic sector could be held back by a lack of suitable talent.