Digital technologies are an essential part of owning a business in the 21st century, and it was recently estimated that 70% of businesses already have a digital transformation strategy.

Whether it’s investing in a quantum computer, upgrading to 5G or using artificial intelligence businesses have different priorities for investing in technology.

A survey from, which talked to 1,303 business owners, has analysed country spending habits to find out where money is being invested and by whom.

Their research found that digital tech business owners are most interested in investing in, in percentage terms, were as follows:

#1 5G 32.9%

#2 Internet of Things (IoT) 21.9%

#3 Artificial Intelligence (AI) 14.5%

#4 Biometrics 12.7%

#5 Quantum computing 7.9%

#6 Immersive Tech 6.6%

#7 Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain) 3.4%

According to people were most interested in investing in 5G as 32.9% of respondents chose the new high-speed connectivity tech as their primary area for investment – a not surprising finding as 5G is now available in 112 countries around the world, and 5G availability now covers 49.2% of the USA.

Ranking second was Internet of Things (IoT) technology, with 21.9% of participants choosing this as their primary investment area.

Artificial Intelligence ranks third with 14.5% of people interested in investing. The AI sector is growing quickly and is being used across a variety of sectors from self-driving cars to voice-controlled assistants, and much more.

In terms of countries investing most money in digital technologies the United States ranks as the country investing most in digital technologies, investing the most money in every category worldwide. The USA has invested most in AI (Artificial Intelligence), and the country's investments in AI have surpassed £71 billion in total to date. 

In second place is China, who have also invested the majority of their money into AI, with investments in this area of more than £34 billion.

The United Kingdom ranks third in the study, and first in Europe. The UK is estimated to have spent a total of £10.4 billion on digital technologies, also with the most money invested into AI (£1.3 billion).

Israel ranks fourth for AI and Immersive Tech (ie. virtual reality) globally, and fifth for IoT tech (technology that connects to the internet). Switzerland ranks fourth for DLT (ie. Blockchain) and fifth for Immersive Tech.

To access the research follow the link below.