OpenLight launches silicon photonics technology platform

OpenLight, a company that was spun out of Juniper Networks and is now controlled by Synopsys, has announced that it is launching a silicon photonics platform that chip design firms will be able to use to integrate the technology into their chips.

Drawing increased attention of late, silicon photonics uses light rather than electric current to process and transmit data.

This announcement is significant as it will help to accelerate the adoption of silicon photonics and this new platform is said to make it easier for semiconductor companies to integrate silicon photonics into their chip designs.

While both Tower Semiconductor and Intel are customers what’s interesting about this new platform is that it will help to open up this technology to more start-ups, many of which have been using silicon photonics for faster, more energy-efficient computing.

With the OpenLight platform, the laser can be integrated directly onto the die, and the technology will be able to be used across a much wider range of chips from lidars and telecommunications to high-performance computing systems.