Alan Anderson Manufacturing: state-of-the-art UK PCBA production – exemplary service

Established in 2022, Alan Anderson (AA) Manufacturing delivers an exemplary PCBA capability, coupled with full logistics and value-add services, from a UK centre of excellence. The company has invested £2M in modern PCBA lines and also has on-site device programming, £5M worth of IC inventory and an established PCB supply chain. Visit us to see the difference.

CEM done differently

Alan Anderson (AA) Manufacturing Ltd has been established to deliver a state-of-the-art electronics manufacturing capability, coupled with full logistics and value-add services. Born of a frustration that CEMs were not delivering the service levels that customers require, AA Manufacturing keeps everything under one roof at its UK manufacturing centre of excellence in Hemel Hempstead. The company has invested in modern PCBA lines and inspection machinery. More than that, AA Manufacturing also has on-site device programming, an IC inventory to offset shortages and an established PCB supply chain.

Exceptional customer service is the mantra at AA Manufacturing. The company will price-fix and hold buffer stocks of completed assemblies for customers. And customers can track their build in real-time via a special system which provides 100% visibility of the project as it progresses through manufacturing. This enables them to see how far through the manufacturing cycle their assemblies are, and to be able plan accurately.

Over the past 18 months Alan Anderson has spent over £2M on the latest PCBA production equipment - prototyping solutions, surface mount and conventional assembly, selective soldering, conformal coating and 3D AOI and X-Ray inspection. These new, state-of-the-art machines increase throughput, reduce lead times, improve quality and reduce waste. Importantly, the new equipment has advanced protection mechanisms that create a safer working environment. Recently, the company installed a second production line, honouring a commitment to its customers that every time it hits 65% capacity it would add a new line. Plans are already in place for a third line.

Value-added production facilities housed at AA Manufacturing’s 17,000 sq. ft. UK facility include

one of the UK’s largest IC programming facilities, with the latest BP Microsystems' device programming and laser marking equipment. Taping and reeling services are also available at the same location – all carried out by highly-experienced operators.

Financially very strong, AA Manufacturing promises to deliver the best value and the highest quality. To support its investment in equipment, the company helps its customers service their customers with a number of innovations. Demand can vary significantly, so AA Manufacturing will build an order in advance of the requirement and hold buffer stocks of completed PCBAs ready for next-day delivery. Uniquely for a contract manufacturer, AA Manufacturing holds £5M worth of IC inventory, helping to avoid chip shortages. It also has a sister company that has franchise agreements with leading component makers, and is also highly experienced in finding parts through other reputable sources. And a seven-strong purchasing team pro-actively manages the supply chain throughout a PCBA build so customers don’t have to worry, and component outages are avoided. AA Manufacturing advises and documents any Product Change Notifications and works to mitigate end-of-life and component obsolescence issues.

AA Manufacturing is also able to provide detailed technical support covering component selection, PCB layout and all PCBA process stages. The company also provides a comprehensive PCB manufacturing service with a wide range of materials and options from 1 to 32 layers and the option of rigid, flexible or metal base boards. A fast PCB service is available with orders turned around in as little as three days. Everything is documented and all processes are audited.

AA Manufacturing believes in UK manufacturing. UK manufacturing has many advantages. Lead times are reduced and product quality is improved by bringing production closer to the end market. Supply chain risks are reduced and the impact of tariff hikes and trade wars is lessened. By reducing carbon footprint, local manufacturing improves sustainability, and of course, job opportunities in the domestic economy stimulates local growth. The company has looked at the whole manufacturing cycle - from design to delivery - and employed experienced personnel at every stage to support the investment in equipment. Joining the team as Sales Director recently is Michael Knight, who formerly held a similar post at another UK CEM. Other new recent hires include four new production staff and two SMT engineers who previously worked together in a team at a UK plant that is now moving offshore. We believe in employing the best, highly skilled people and we are happy that all the new hires have chosen to bring their skills and talents to AA Manufacturing. The highest calibre equipment requires the highest calibre personnel

We offer more than traditional CEMs. Every company that has visited our UK manufacturing centre has given us business. Come and experience our whole operation in Hemel Hempstead.


By Philip Bray, Operations Director, Alan Anderson Manufacturing