Altium PCB Design & Rapid PCB Assembly Service ‘Made in the UK’

UK based manufacture, Gemini Tec Ltd, demonstrates its capability for customers seeking time critical PCB layout and rapid PCB assembly services.

As a respected supplier of technology manufacturing, Gemini Tec Ltd, have positioned their service to help customers design PCBs with Altium layout tools and gain seamless entry to its rapid delivery PCB assembly facility. With over 37 years experience to support custom PCB layout, we conduct a wide range of PCB designs in Altium, including DDR3. Conducted by highly experienced layout engineers who fully understand the requirements of both the PCB manufacture and PCB assembly. Our experience allows customers to de-risk from both technical and time delays for challenging projects. Our knowledge base ensures we implement the optimum PCB layout techniques and best practices. We work closely with our customers through the various stages of placement and routing to ensure all the requirements of the design are fully understood and implemented. Including full consideration for signal integrity (SI) and mechanical constraints with the generation of 3D models. Upon completion of the PCB layout we offer the UK's fastest possible delivery for complex PCB hardware. With over 45 full time staff, we have the resources to engineer and manufacture over 600 new products a year. Gemini currently manufactures over 90,000 PCB assemblies a year, ranging from rapid delivery prototypes to batch production orders of 10K. Our reputation was established by providing complex SMT boards, on time critical orders. Our MYDATA surface mount lines can be set up quickly to build small orders from 1 to 50 units, with full capability for BGA and PoP (Package-on-Package) device technology. Even our skilled IPC technicians can hand solder devices at 0201 package sizes! Our rapid SMT service offers unparalleled lead times due to the use of 'Solder Jet Printing' within our surface mount assembly process. The production of your order can commence immediately without the need for stencils. This removes the risk of delays, removes the cost of tooling and removes the numerous technical constraints associated with the use of traditional stencils in the SMT process. What is 'Solder Jet Printing'? The application of solder paste directly onto the PCB during the surface mount assembly process. Completed entirely without the need to any paste stencils. See more here, including a video: How does it work? The printer shoots solder paste on the fly at split-second speeds while moving above the blank PCB board. Like an ink jet printer, it is completely non-contact technology. We can easily apply solder paste onto complex and challenging boards with high precision and repeatability with all paste deposits verified by its on board inspection camera, making the process ideal for boards with BGA & PoP (package-on-package) devices. Placing paste with such precision means we never have to compromise on the quality of the solder volume or position, unlike traditional stencils. By removing the many variables and technical constraints of traditional stencils, we can ensure PCB assemblies are built to exacting standards. We no longer need to engineer, order, wait, set up and perfect the stencil process, giving rise to numerous advantages. The obvious cost saving mean we no longer need to charge customers for stencils. How can we help your company? In addition to our Altium PCB layout service and rapid PCB assembly service, Gemini Tec supports its customers with a full contract manufacturing service, inclusive of material procurement, product test and validation, through to a complete box build service. Gemini Tec's facility has a wide range of manufacturing tools to build complex PCB products. In addition to our leading edge MYDATA printing and SMT placement technology, we use the very latest in multi camera AOI inspection tools, Ersascope cameras, real time X-Ray and even X- J-tag tools for product conformance. Book a visit to our superbly equipped and ultra clean ESD facility. A visit to Gemini Tec will allow the full appreciation of the technology and resources in place to build your products and confirm our ability to support your outsourcing needs. Call our friendly team on +44 (0) 1252 333 444, or mail us with any questions at Visit our website to see more about Gemini Tec Ltd