Package-on-Package (PoP) - PCB Assembly Service

UK based manufacture of complex PCB assemblies, Gemini Tec Ltd, demonstrates its technical and commercial advantage to customers who seek to have technology products 'Made in the UK' As a respected supplier of technology manufacturing, Gemini Tec Ltd, have positioned their service to help customers produce complex PCB hardware, providing fast and cost effective entry to its manufacturing capability for PoP BGA devices (Package-on-Package).

Leading edge 'Solder Jet Printing' technology at its UK based production facility puts Gemini squarely at the forefront of surface mount processing capability in the UK. Since 2008 the MY500 solder jet printing system has replaced over five thousands traditional 'stencils' and delivered yields beyond expectation to its customers. What is 'Solder Jet Printing'? The application of solder paste directly onto a PCB during the surface mount assembly process. Completed entirely without the need to use a stencil. See more here, including a link to a short video on our YouTube channel: How does it work? The printer shoots solder paste on the fly at split-second speeds while moving above the blank PCB board. Like an ink jet printer, it is completely non-contact technology. Driven completely by software, the jet printer applies thousands of solder dots to form the correct paste deposit for every pad position, allowing us to reflow PCBAs at the optimum condition. We can easily apply solder paste onto complex and challenging boards with high precision and repeatability with all paste deposits verified by its on board inspection camera, making the process ideal for boards with BGA & PoP (package-on-package) devices. Placing paste with such precision means we never have to compromise on the quality of the solder volume or position, unlike traditional stencils. By removing the many variables and technical constraints of traditional stencils, we can ensure PCB assemblies are built to exacting standards. The yield of delivered product often exceeds customer expectation, with 100% yields not uncommon to Gemini Tec. Gemini Tec's PCB assembly service is suited to a wide range of technology boards that include, QFN, BGA, PoP and 3D electronics. Our ability to manufacture with PoP technology is world class, as we can optimise the height of placements with the use of laser technology and even adjust the volume of solder on each and every joint whilst compensating for warpage in the component parts! This processing technology simply surpasses the capability of stencils in every way possible. Gemini Tec produce custom thermal profiles for the reflow of technology PCBA products and validate its process with tools such as Ersascope cameras, real time X-Ray, multi-angled AOI inspection and even X- J-tag. Benefit from the commercial advantages with Gemini Tec Ltd. We no longer need to engineer, order, wait, set up and perfect the stencil process, giving rise to numerous advantages. The obvious cost saving means we no longer need to charge customers for stencils, which is often two stencils for most orders. Our typical customers have saved thousands of pounds in up-front stencil costs and we've saved ourselves inordinate amounts of time and cost by delivering customers with high yield products. But look a little deeper and the savings move beyond the initial and on-going tooling costs. Removing the variables within the manufacturing process and controlling the finished outcome, allows the removal of un-necessary production time and the hidden cost of re-working PCBAs through the manufacturing process, from AOI to finished test. Such savings in efficiency translate into shorter lead times for rapid delivery orders and optimised manufacturing costs for production orders, without any compromise to the finished product quality. Using the revolutionary MY500 from MYDATA together with three MYDATA surface mount placement machines, we are able to scale our production service to build products from one piece orders to several thousand in a batch. Our MYDATA placement department uses automatic handling and even applies electrical verification to various components, to further increase product quality and conformance. Can we help you? If you are looking for a CEM to build technology products with PoP and BGA devices, we can help you. We offer a rapid delivery prototype and NPI service with capability to build volume orders. We have over 36 year's experience in manufacturing, supplying a full CEM service from PCB layout with Altium tools, to a complete box build service, to the latest IPC manufacturing standards. Contact us to discuss your requirement in more detail. Call our friendly team on +44 (0) 1252 333 444, or mail us with any questions at Visit our website to see more about Gemini Tec Ltd