Binder is credited with many new technological innovations and these include high-speed industrial Ethernet connectors and a number of new developments for plastic connectors.

X-coded M12 connectors, handling data transmission rates of up to 10Gbit/s, are valuable in applications using industrial Ethernet protocols such as PROFINET and in applications such as security, CCTV and passenger information systems. The high bandwidth is achieved by isolating the four pairs of wires from one another with a cross or X-coding shield that conforms to the industry standard IEC 61076-2-109. The basic M12 connector design, renowned throughout the world for its compact size and robustness, is ideal for applications where they will endure extreme environmental conditions. IP67 when unmated The NCC connector has a unique design that protects the contacts to IP67 when not connected without the need of a protective cap. Originally designed for medical equipment, the NCC (non-connected closed) range is ideal for all types of portable or hand-held measuring equipment, control devices and other applications where it is required to make rapid set-up changes. Product life is in excess of 5000 mating cycles. Series 770 is a panel-mount receptacle in which the electrical contacts are protected from water, dust and foreign particles by a spring-mounted lid when unmated. When the cable plug is mated the contact cover is pushed inside the receptacle body, the contacts engage and the connector is locked with a quarter turn of a bayonet-locking collar. Connector for harsh environments The UL-approved HEC connector is designed for outdoor use and is waterproof and dustproof to IP68 and IP69k. The HEC (harsh environment connector), withstands high-pressure washing and offers high levels of resistance to UV, temperature fluctuations, acid rain, salt spray, ozone and other pollutants making it ideal for all applications operating in harsh environment including agricultural and construction equipment, traffic and signalling systems, process engineering plants and water purification and recycling equipment. A three-point bayonet locking system makes for a safe, quick and secure fastening, while a robust coding mechanism prevents incorrect orientation. The connector is suitable for over 1000 mating cycles and uses a variety of crimp contacts to achieve a secure vibration proof termination. Based in Hemel Hempstead, Binder UK was formed in 2009 to serve a growing UK market for the Binder range of industrial circular connectors. The company is part of the Binder Connector Group based in Neckarsulm, Germany. A family-owned company with a turnover of €100m employing 1000 people, Binder is a highly innovative leader in the field of industrial circular connectors supplying a wide range of high quality products ideal for all types of industrial applications. Product range A range of 5000 catalogue items, 3000 designs and 500 customised parts, include industrial standards such as M5, M8, M9, M12, M16, M18, M23, 7/8"and RD 24. In addition, Binder specialises in unique plastic connectors with snap-in, bayonet, push-pull and bayonet locking with IP ratings up to IP69K. Standards and certifications ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004 Specialist sectors / industries served Main areas of focus in development and production are industrial connectors as well as connectors for sensor and automation technology. Industries include instrumentation, drives & controls, security & surveillance, smart metering, medical and lighting. Binder UK Ltd Unit D, ATA House Boundary Way Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire HP2 7SS 01442 257339