BUK 087 - New connectors from Binder are IP67 unmated

The new NCC connector from Binder is designed so that the contacts are protected to IP67 when not connected without requiring a protective cap. Originally designed for medical equipment, the connector is ideal for portable or hand-held equipment and other applications where it is an advantage to make rapid set-up changes.

When it comes to protection from dust and water, the standard for industrial connectors is IP67. For constant immersion in water, the norm is IP68 although it should be understood this is not a standard but is subject to agreement between the user and manufacturer. Connector manufacturers generally quote the IP rating for a mated and locked pair of connectors and when the connectors are not mated there is no protection unless a cap is used. The new Binder series 770 NCC (not connected and closed) connector has a unique design that completely closes the contact interface when the connector is unmated. The contacts in the socket are obscured by an integral sprung cover that closes as the connector is unmated and completely secures the contacts against the ingress of water, dirt and other foreign bodies. Apart from retaining IP ratings while disconnected, this new design brings a number of other advantages including: over 5000 mating cycles and excellent resistance against vibration and shock. The compact profile, the diameter is only 18mm, houses eight solder or dip solder contacts providing significant benefits in a field where there is an on-going demand for miniaturisation. The mating all-plastic cable connector has a pronounced coding to provide easy location and positive locking with a simple, but secure, three-point quarter turn bayonet action. This is ideal where quick connection is required and access to or the visibility of the interface is poor. The gold plated brass solder contacts are rated to 2A and 175V with a contact resistance of 15m? or less and the option of three cable outlets means cables with a diameter of 2.5 to 8mm can be accommodated. The simple design and low component count allows for quick and easy assembly. The NCC connector with its unique closure system provides a worthy alternative to protection caps and is ideal for applications where waterproof characteristics are required such as measurement technology and hand-held and portable equipment.