New RAL 9002 connectors from binder

New from binder are the RAL 9002 grey/white versions of its unique plastic series 620/720 sub-miniature and miniature snap-in connectors and also its NCC connector which offers IP67 protection even when unmated. Manufactured from Polyamide 66 and ideal for medical and other applications requiring resistance to solvents and disinfectants.

Snap-in Series 620/720

binder series 620/720 snap in connectors are simple, all-plastic, modular connectors are lightweight and compact and Internal seals provide protection to IP67 with excellent electrical characteristics.The unique snap-in mating provides an extremely convenient and safe connect and disconnect action. Colour coded versions in blue, green and red, so too are version pre-moulded on PVC cable.

The sub-miniature series 620 is only 11.5mm in diameter and is available with 3, 4, 5 & 8 contacts rated between 1A and 3A at 125V.The miniature series 720 is 16mm diameter and is available with up to 12 contacts and is rated between 2A and 7A at 250V.

NCC Series 770

binder NCC (non-connected closed) connectors have a design that protects the contacts to IP67 when not connected without the need of a protective cap and are ideal for all types of portable equipment, control devices and other applications where it is an advantage to make rapid set-up changes.The efficiency of the design achieves a product life in excess of 5,000 mating cycles.

The range features a panel-mount receptacle in which the electrical contacts are protected from water, dust and foreign particles by a spring-mounted lid when unmated. When the cable plug is mated the contact cover is pushed inside the receptacle body, the contacts engage and the connector is locked with a quarter turn of a bayonet-locking collar.

The connectors have eight gold-plated contacts, are rated to 2A and 175V in solder and dip-solder versions and cater for cable sizes from 2.5mm to 8mm diameter.