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Thermal Interface Gel targets automotive applications

The Chomerics Division of Parker Hannifin has announced THERM-A-GAP GEL 20, a one-component thermal interface material with 2.4 W/m-K thermal conductivity.

Developed for automotive industry applications this product offers easy dispensing and is fully cured (no secondary cure required) to accommodate the automotive sector’s high reliability requirements for thermal cycling and high-temperature environments.

The material’s heavy paste-like consistency enables controlled dispensing, applied in variable thicknesses up to 4mm, to suit the needs of automotive applications that include: electronic control units (ECUs); converters, inverters and on-board chargers; control modules for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS); and vehicle infotainment.

Notably, the gel needs only low compressive force to deform under assembly pressure, subjecting components, solder joints and wire leads to minimal stresses. The result is much improved levels of consistency and product reliability, vital factors for long-term success in any market. 

THERM-A-GAP GEL 20 also features low oil bleeding, minimising the generation of greasy substances on the surface of the heat sink or substrate during use. This capability is important as oil bleed from comparable products in the market can lead to reduced electrical performance in the form of lower surface resistance and breakdown voltage.

In addition, surrounding impurities and particles may adsorb in or adhere to the oil, causing a potential threat to product performance and lifespan.

THERM-A-GAP GEL 20 also resists movement under vibration and offers tackiness, both of which are important benefits for automotive applications. The product is also suitable for many cross-industry applications, including power supplies and semiconductors, memory and power modules, microprocessors and graphics processors, flat panel displays and consumer electronics.

Suitable for use in operating temperatures from -55 to +200°C, the RoHS-compliant thermal interface gel from Parker Chomerics is available in syringe, cartridge and pail packaging formats.