SiTime introduces XCalibur, an MEMs-based timing solution

SiTime, a specialist in MEMS timing, has introduced the SiTime XCalibur active resonator.

According to SiTime, this new product category will help to solve supply chain constraints using programmable semiconductors to deliver a drop-in replacement for quartz crystal resonators. Additionally, XCalibur provides higher performance and reliability while reducing development time by up to two months in automotive, enterprise, and industrial applications.

Quartz resonators have well-known weaknesses such as being susceptible to strong EMI fields and requiring negative resistance testing in every design and layout cycle, as well as requiring qualification for each frequency. With XCalibur active resonators, customers will no longer experience EMI or start-up issues and will no longer need to send their board to quartz vendors for negative resistance testing. In addition, customers can implement a new frequency in the same design without re-qualifying the part. All these benefits enable the customer to get to market faster.

SiTime XCalibur active resonators provide 10x better reliability than quartz, making them suitable for automotive and industrial applications that demand robustness and long life in harsh environments. The benefits associated with these MEMS-based resonators wil also be of help to communications and networking, enterprise, consumer electronics, mobile and IoT, and aerospace and defence applications.

The SiTime XCalibur active resonators can replace 4-pin SMD crystal resonators in demanding automotive, industrial, and enterprise equipment applications. They provide stability, greater reliability, reduced BOM, and ease of design.

  • Complete portfolio: SiT1408, SiT1409, SiT1418, SiT1419, SiT1420, SiT1421, SiT1424, SiT1425
  • Drop-in replacement for a wide variety of 4-pin crystal resonators offered by leading suppliers
  • Broad range of frequencies: 1 MHz to 137 MHz
  • Stability over temperature: ±20 ppm (-55 °C to +125 °C) and ±15 ppm @+25 °C
  • Surface-mount package options: 3.2 mm x 2.5 mm and 2.5 mm x 2.0 mm
  • Sample lead times within 48 hours