Shielded connection to measuring instruments, encoders and motors

The Han M23 series of connectors, from Harting, reliably transmits data, signals and power with a high degree of protection in a small amount of space.

The latest product in the series, the Han M23 Power-Hybrid, permits several types of transmission to be flexibly implemented in one connector. A total of 12 contacts are available to connect components to the lifelines of industry – 4 each for signals, power and data.

The hybrid connector permits the reliable and shielded connection of measuring instruments, encoders and motors. It is also suitable for applications in other demanding environments.

A large selection of housings is offered which matches the contact inserts. There are straight, angled and rotatable hoods, as well as various mounted and coupling housings. This allows the connectors to be optimally adapted to the respective environmental requirements. The integrated strain relief in the hood and coupling housings also protects connections and makes the use of additional components unnecessary.

The contact inserts in the series – 6- to 19-pole – are plug-compatible with most other M23 circular connectors available on the market. The series is particularly comfortable thanks to the Han ComLock locking system and its options for quick mating/unmating.