Harting has announced additional rear mounting options for contact inserts and modules to housing ranges of the Han product family

In addition to solutions for the Han B and Han-Eco B standards, rear-mountable interfaces for improved data transmission are now also available via the Han B/EMC Rear-Fit. Offering simplified handling, it is now possible to speed up the process of equipping control cabinets with interfaces and offers new installation options to manufacturers of robotics and automation technology.

Han industrial connectors are suitable for environments that require the simplest possible installation and component robustness. Until now, installing control cabinet interfaces required cables to be routed through a cutout in the outer panel. Assembling the inserts then took place outside the control cabinet.

With the new Han solutions, the prefabricated inserts can be snapped directly into the bulkhead housing from inside the control cabinet, resulting in both time and cost savings.

The contact inserts are mounted in a plastic mounting frame that snaps securely into the rear-fit mounted aluminium housing and, if necessary, the frame is just as easy to disassemble. The attachment of the PE connection to the metal housing is structurally ensured. To achieve an IP65/66 degree of protection and to protect against UV radiation and ozone emissions, a flange rubber seal runs the whole way around the rear-fit mounted housing.

The rear-fit option makes the assembly of prefabricated units more efficient. Connections for control cabinets and machine modules can largely be pre-assembled separately.

The Han rear-mount connectors are compatible with previous connector generations. All contact inserts and modules from the Han line can be used without restriction in the new rear-fit mounted housings.