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SemiQ unveils QSiC 1200 V SOT-227 SiC modules

SemiQ, a developer and supplier of SiC solutions, has expanded its portfolio of QSiC Silicon Carbide modules with the launch of a family of 1200V MOSFETs that pairs with or without 1200V SiC Schottky Diodes in a SOT-227 package.

Crafted from high-performance ceramics and rigorously engineered, the newly introduced SemiQ SiC modules achieve a remarkably high performance empowering higher power densities and more streamlined design configurations.

The QSiC modules feature high breakdown voltage (> 1400 V), high-temperature operation (Tj = 175 °C), and low Rds(On) shift over the full operating temperature range while providing improved gate oxide stability and gate oxide lifetime, avalanche (UIS) ruggedness, and extended short-circuit withstand times.

Target markets for the modules with the company’s existing SOT-227 SiC SBD modules include EV charging, on-board chargers (OBCs), DC-DC converters, E-compressors, fuel cell converters, medical power supplies, energy storage systems, solar and wind energy systems, data centre power supplies, UPS/PFC circuits, and other automotive and industrial power applications.

All of the QSiC modules are tested at wafer-level gate burn-in to provide high-quality gate oxide with stable gate threshold voltage. Besides the burn-in test, which helps to stabilise the extrinsic failure rate, stress tests such as gate stress, high-temperature reverse bias (HTRB) drain stress, and high humidity, high voltage, high temperature (H3TRB) to ensure requisite industrial grade quality levels.

SemiQ’s new 1200V SOT-227 modules are available in 20mΩ, 40mΩ, 80mΩ SiC MOSFET categories.