ROHM presents new 4-Pin Package SiC MOSFETs

ROHM is making available six new trench gate structure SiC MOSFETs (650V/1200V). The SCT3xxx xR-Serie is intended for server power supplies, UPS systems, solar power inverters, and EV charging stations requiring high efficiency.

The SCT3xxx xR series uses a 4-pin package (TO-247-4L) that maximises switching performance, making it possible to reduce switching loss by up to 35% over conventional 3-pin package types (TO-247N). This contributes to lower power consumption in a variety of applications.

With conventional 3-pin packages (TO-247N), the effective gate voltage at the chip reduces due to the voltage dropped across the parasitic inductance of the source terminal. This causes the switching speed to reduce. Adopting the 4-pin TO-247-4L package separates the driver and power source pins, minimising the effects of the parasitic inductance component. This makes it possible to maximise the switching speed of SiC MOSFETs, reducing total switching loss (turn ON and turn OFF) by up to 35% over conventional package.

In recent years, the growing needs for cloud services due to the proliferation of AI and IoT has increased the demand for data centres worldwide. But for servers used in data centre, one major challenge is how to reduce power consumption as capacity and performance increase.

At the same time, SiC devices are attracting attention due to their smaller loss over mainstream silicon devices in the power conversion circuits of servers. Furthermore, as the TO-247-4L package enables to reduce switching loss over conventional packages, it is expected to be adopted in high output applications such as servers, base stations, and solar power generation.