Omron launches compact high current MOSFET relay

Omron Electronic Components Europe has developed a MOSFET relay that combines a high current rating (200V 0.35A) with a high ambient operating temperature range.

The G3VM-201WR is a 200V addition to Omron’s existing MOSFET relay series, and has an improved P-SON four-pin terminal pad design that ensures high heat dissipation; while its improved terminal shape results in better solder joints.

At just 3.4mm by 2.1mm, and with an ambient operating temperature ranging from –40°C to +110°C, this compact device can realise a current load of 75% higher (0.35A, 49mA/mm2) than a comparable SOP4 type relay (0.2A, 7.3mA/mm2). It also features fast turn on and turn off times of 1ms.

The Omron MOSFET relay series also includes VSON and SVSON components (capable of handling load voltages up to 100V), for applications where space is critical.