Omron adds two new MOSFET relays

Omron Electronic Components Europe has expanded its range of MOSFET relays with two new devices.

The Omron G3VM-401 and G3VM-601 offer high dielectric strength and high operating temperatures for applications in electric meters and industrial control. The G3VM-41UR pot is a highly responsive device offering low on-resistance and output capacitance in ultra-compact VSON packaging, aimed at test and measurement applications especially ATE.

Operating temperatures can be a particular challenge for designers of electricity meters as these units have to be sealed to prevent tampering.

The G3VM-401 and G3VM-601 devices address this issue as they can withstand ambient temperatures of up to 110°C. They also offer a high dielectric strength of 5,000V rms AC. The devices are offered in both surface mount and through hole form, with SPST-NO contacts. They are power efficient, with a low trigger current of just 2mA. The G3VM-401 can handle a load current of up to 400V at 120mA and the G3VM-601 can handle up to 600V at 90mA.

The G3VM-41UR features a low CxR of just 10pF*Ω and can handle currents of up to 40V at 0.25A. It is a compact alternative to SOP4 package devices and reed relays. It's low on resistance of just 2 ohms and low output capacitance of just 5pF make it suitable for switching test signals in ATE systems, as well as for other test and measurement and communications equipment applications.